“When I first started working with Giff he took the time to get to know me as a runner and to understand my running goals. He crafted easy to follow weekly training plans that fit into my schedule and provided structure and purpose that I had been lacking.  I have found that by having these focused sessions my legs have grown stronger and I am recovering quicker. He has a wealth of running knowledge that he readily shares helping me to understand the overall process of my training. Giff’s feedback is timely and he is easy to work with; his excitement for my running accomplishments, however small, keeps me motivated for the next week.” -Chris Pack

“Signing up with Rinnan Coaching and training with Giff was the best decision I have made as an ultrarunner! In the spring of 2019 I suffered an injury 10 weeks out from the Leadville Trail 100 and figured I wouldn’t be ready for the race. Giff carefully coached me back into race shape using evidenced based training techniques. He introduced me to strength and mobility exercises along with creative running workouts that successfully prepared me for race day. The Rinnan experience has made me a more complete runner and has had a lasting effect. I will continue to utilize Giff’s coaching services because I know it effectively and efficiently renders the necessary adaptations to successfully complete an ultra race. I highly recommend Rinnan Coaching!”

– John Paul Ogden