It’s Snowing? It’s Blowing? I’m Going! Grand Canyon 50 Mile Race Report

Going into the Grand Canyon Ultras 50 Mile race this weekend it appeared that my race goals and the imminent conditions were at odds with each other. I had initially chosen the Grand Canyon course after chatting with Ultra Adventures race director Matt Gunn after running Antelope Canyon about his other races and which ones he thought would be a little less sandy and less demanding of my stabilizers. Grand Canyon came highly recommended. Amazing views, point-to-point, gradual elevation and buttery smooth single track mixed in with dirt roads surrounded by ponderosa forest. The location also carries a host of great memories from my time working with the Coconino Rural Environment Corps where I was able to spend hundreds of hours building trail and chainsawing. It feels like coming home when I return to the Kaibab.

Slick and Steep – 2015 Bangs Canyon 30K Trail Race Report

Starting back in November of 2014 I started getting urged by several Grand Valley running buddies to come out and run the Bangs Canyon 30K/60K to start off the new year. The fatass race has a long history and has been run by the same group of old-school, die-hard Grand Valley runners from before I was running in high school. The course is fully self-supported and in place of any entry fee it is suggested to bring food, drink or firewood to share with everyone after the race. All of the usual suspects from the Mesa Monument Striders were present, and James had a late start that morning so I lent him my extra handheld water bottle. By about 8:15 am over thirty people had signed into the paper ledger so the course director would know who was out there and some copies of the course were distributed. Kevin Koch (the event coordinator) gathered everyone at the starting line to give some directions and to explain the course conditions. Today's conditions varied from ATV-packed powder to 2-3" of unconsolidated snow over mixed terrain and slickrock.