Roadtripping and Redemption

The Roadtripping: Wanting to waste no time, and to avoid the 100 degree heat in Grand Junction we were back in the car with running gear, climbing gear, mountain bikes and the mountaineering kit headed for Washington and the Cascade volcanoes one day after getting back from Idaho.  The plan was to brush off our … Continue reading Roadtripping and Redemption

2014 Grand Mesa 100 Race Report

This year’s edition began with a casual round up at the starting line and a nice loud gun to get everyone headed off to the boulder field bottleneck. At the first trail junction there was someone guiding runners and telling them to take the next left, which a bunch of runners missed anyway (I would suggest either running the Crag Crest loop before hand or just taking it slow to stay on track at the beginning). The columbines and sunrise were amazing and everyone running the race was super friendly and chatty as we ran the loop.