Antelope Canyon Redux

“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.” - Anakin Skywalker whining about the Antelope Canyon course Everything felt smooth and easy until mile 22 at the Horseshoe Bend vista when the sand gave way to the stunning but challenging course along the rim. It slowed me down and I found myself power-hiking up some of the steep sections of crumbly, off-angle rock. The markings were hard to spot (due partially to the epic winds the night before the race after this section had been marked), but the route follows the canyon rim very obviously and even when no other runners were around to help locate the path the markers were never more than one corner or dune away...

Hoping Everything Holds Together – Antelope Canyon 50 Mile Ultramarathon (2015)

Jess and I headed down from Grand Junction on Friday filling the drive with podcast musings from The Moth, RadioLab and This American Life to help the hours fly by on a drive we have done dozens of times from Moab to Page. We checked in, swooped up our shirts along with a bonus trucker’s hat and headband and got ready to dirtbag it in the Subaru for the night. I set my alarm and plugged in my phone for the morning (or thought I did…).