Idaho Centennial Trail Preview

Starting May 28th Jess Condon and I will attempt a supported through-hike of the Idaho Centennial Trail.  The trail runs the length of the state in roughly 900 miles and we will be traveling from South to North.

There is very little information regarding previous completers, but including the three individuals that created the trail there appear to be less than a dozen reports of successful thru-hikes.  The fastest attempt was planned by Adam Bradley (hoping to complete the trail in ~32 days [link below]) but due to logistics he cut his attempt short at the 500 mile mark.  The fastest existing time is unclear at this time, but most hikers take at least two months to complete the trail.  For most of the trail we will be self-supported through food drops at Post Offices and generous ranches along the trail.  Because we will likely hitch a ride to some locations it will be considered a supported hike, which I am fine with instead of hiking 40 extra miles on highways to make it truly self-supported.

We will be using a SPOT device to let friends and family know where we are during the expedition as well as for verification and mapping projects at the end of the trip.  Our SPOT Adventure page can be found at the link below: 

A little background on the trail for those interested/future ICT thru-hikers:

Good overview maps can be found here:

The Idaho Parks and Recreation Department has a cumbersome map viewer located here:

But for those that wish not to click on the map 70+ times to download the mapset, here is a complete PDF Map Set that I assembled for the Idaho Centennial Trail (East and West Variants not included):

ICT MAP SET (East/West variations not included)

Trail Tips and Journals:

We first heard about the Idaho Centennial Trail from fellow Colorado Trail thru-hiker Dan Styer and he has been very generous in providing insights and suggestions while we planned.  His journal can be found here:

The #1 Planning Resource we used was the following Word Document that Dan Styer authored and generously shared with us.  His most recent update is linked here: ICTHikingTips

For those looking at doing a North-South hike, Brian Frankle’s post contains lots of great information regarding re-supply options and logistics: (Dead Reckoning Blog Post)

And another North-South Report:

Ken and Marcia Powers have also provided a very helpful Trail Journal from their 2009 successful thru-hike: (Ken and Marcia Powers Trail Journal 2009)

The Idaho Centennial Trail Blog can be a great source for recent conditions and to connect with people in the area.  They have begun to collect a list of trail completers here:

Adam Bradley FKT Attempt:

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