Rinnan is an old word and an old idea. It literally means to run or to flow. The goal of Rinnan Coaching is to inspire and educate others in their exploration of the oldest and most beautiful form of human motion – the run.

I’m Giff – a distinguished runner and an award winning educator that loves to work with individuals of all ability levels. If you want to reach your true potential and are looking to take your training to the next level get in touch!

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Coach Giff

I am a competitive runner, educator and life-long learner.  I have spent most of my career making complex scientific concepts understandable and accessible to people of all ages.  I have a Master’s degree in secondary science education and have worked as an interpretive ranger, science/social studies/math/physical education teacher and as a high school cross-country/track coach.

My own running has focused on mountain, trail and ultra (MUT) events more recently but I train and race on the track and roads as well as the trail.  In the off-season and for cross-training I ski, mountain bike and practice yoga.

My first race was in 2014 and since then I have set four fastest known times (FKTs), won numerous races, cut over one minute off my high school 5k personal record, completed several 100 mile races and was ranked as one of the top 100 ultrarunners by Ultrarunning Magazine in 2016 and 2017.

My coaching philosophy:

Being a successful runner means being a consistent runner and this applies to new runners and elites alike.

It sounds simple, but there is a lot that goes into establishing and maintaining that consistency.  Running is just one part of the picture and in order to be consistent a coach must help an athlete with stress management, sleep, nutrition, strength and mobility work, running form and biomechanics, mental training etc.

Coaching, like teaching is both a science and an art.  Having a rigorous understanding of the scientific principles and methodologies of endurance training is vital, but so is making sure that each athlete’s training is personally relevant to their goals and ambitions.  By taking the time to build a relationship with each athlete and by joining them in celebrating their successes and learning from their failures, a great coach can take all of their training knowledge and turn it into a transformational experience.

Giff’s Achievements:

Jackpot Ultra 50M – 1st OA and CR 100KM Utah USATF State Championship Winner

SPARTAN TRAIL 10K – 2nd Place Elite
THE BEAR 100 – 22:49 (12TH OA)
MOAB RED HOT 55K – 4:22 (4TH OA)
TUSHAR 93K – 13:23 (3RD OA, 2ND MALE)
ZION 100K – 10:24 (3RD OA)

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Personal Coaching

Our Coaching Services Include:

Diverse, challenging and engaging workouts that make your training fun while you get faster and stronger

Unlimited communication via text/email and phone calls/video chats by appointment

A customized weekly training program designed around your schedule and goals

A free TrainingPeaks account and mobile app with daily workout details, customized training zones (using pace, heart rate and/or power) and powerful data analytics

Running specific strength, mobility and form drills

Annual training plan development to determine your focus races and to periodize your training

Pre-race strategy and discussion as well as post-race reflection and analysis

Rinnan Team Athletes Also Receive:A weekly team email with athlete highlights, emerging research breakdowns as well as tips/tricks

Access to the Rinnan Running Strava group

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Interested in working together?

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“When I first started working with Giff he took the time to get to know me as a runner and to understand my running goals. He crafted easy to follow weekly training plans that fit into my schedule and provided structure and purpose that I had been lacking.  I have found that by having these focused sessions my legs have grown stronger and I am recovering quicker. He has a wealth of running knowledge that he readily shares helping me to understand the overall process of my training. Giff’s feedback is timely and he is easy to work with; his excitement for my running accomplishments, however small, keeps me motivated for the next week.” -Chris Pack

“Signing up with Rinnan Coaching and training with Giff was the best decision I have made as an ultrarunner! In the spring of 2019 I suffered an injury 10 weeks out from the Leadville Trail 100 and figured I wouldn’t be ready for the race. Giff carefully coached me back into race shape using evidenced based training techniques. He introduced me to strength and mobility exercises along with creative running workouts that successfully prepared me for race day. The Rinnan experience has made me a more complete runner and has had a lasting effect. I will continue to utilize Giff’s coaching services because I know it effectively and efficiently renders the necessary adaptations to successfully complete an ultra race. I highly recommend Rinnan Coaching!”

– John Paul Ogden